This or That - Christmas Edition

Hi Jolly Dollies!

On Saturday I am going to the US. I can't wait!
It's time for a 'This or That', but not a normal one… A Christmas edition!

Item nr.1

The Christmas AG wrapping from 2012…

Or the Christmas AG wrapping from this year?

Item nr. 2

The reindeer PJ's …

Or the Polar bear PJ's?

Item nr. 3

The Brocade dress …

Or the Sparkle Dress?

Item nr. 4

The AG in-store poncho from this year…

Or the AG poncho from 2012?

Item nr. 5

A dollie sized Santa hat…

Or dollie sized reindeer ears?

My opinion:

1. Gift wrapping from 2013 - I love all the sparkly snowflakes on the packaging! I like the other one too, but the this one is shiny.
2. The polar bear PJ's - I am in love with the tunic/tee of this outfit. This blue color is so cute and the navy lace is adorable!
3. Hmm, I can't choose! - Jessica Rae asked me what my favorite outfit from Christmas. Well, I love these 2 dresses, but I can't choose between them!
4. The AG in-store poncho of 2013 - I like the little snowflakes on the shoulder of this poncho, but I also love the other one. I think the in-store poncho is better to match with my outfits, but the other one will be cute on Christmas dresses.
5. The reindeer ears - I love the reindeer ears, because it's just so funny! The Santa hat is also cute <3

What are your choices? Leave a comment down below.

Lots of XMAS love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. 1. 2013 Gift Wrap - it just seems more Christmassy and less brand specific.
    2. Reindeer jammies - I like them both, but love the graphic on the shirt for the reindeer ones.
    3. Brocade Dress - I like the styling better. The bubble skirt hemline is "so last year."
    4. Cant' decide both are cute, but I do like the added cable on this year's poncho.
    5. Santa hat. Keeps your head warmer. :)

    Thank you for the This or That. Love these.

  2. 1. 2013
    2. Polar Bear
    3. Sparkle Dress
    4. This year
    5. Santa hat


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  4. 1) 2013
    2) Polar bear PJ's
    3) Sparkle Dress
    4) AG Poncho from last year
    5) Reindeer Ears! :)

  5. 1. 2013
    2. Polar bear
    3. Brocade for Saige
    4. Last year
    5. Santa

  6. 1. 2013
    2. POLAR BEAR!
    3. Brocade
    4. hmmm... I can't decide!
    5. Santa hat

  7. 1) 2013
    2) Polar Bear pjs
    3) Brocade Dress
    4) 2012
    5) santa hat

  8. 1. 2012
    2. Reindeer PJs
    3. Sparkle Dress
    4. 2013
    5. Antlers

    These are so fun! I featured you on my blog: http://saigeslocketag.blogspot.com/2013/12/christmas-fun.html

  9. Hello Lilly! I would like to give you an award for having such an awesome blog! I love the way that you write! You have an awesome blog/life! Thank You for telling others about your awesome life!!!
    (The link for the award.You may have to copy and paste to get to it.)
    Thank You!!!

  10. 2012, polar bear PJ's, Red sparkly dress, 2012 poncho and the santa hat! :)