A Lovely Trip to London 1

Hi Happy People,
I'm back! Thank you for my 20 followers and all your comments! I had an LOVELY (Hihi, typically English) time in London. I saw famous spot's, I had an high tea and so much more! Let's begin. . .

On my first day, I went to West-Minster. That's the central part of London. I went to the Big Ben and I heard the bells rings twice! On the other side of the river the Theems, I saw the millennium wheel. I didn't get in, because I'm afraid of heights too, like Gilly.

I also walked nearby the Parliament and West-Minster Abbey. And there I saw the Horse Guards Parade! Can you see the horse looking at me? I was a bit scared :-%

Later on I went to the National Gallery and I saw paintings of Van Gogh and Monet. They were beautiful. But of course you can't make pictures of them.

Later that day I made a phone call to Gilly to tell her how lovely everything is!

So much for today, tomorrow I'll post more pic's.

Have a lovely day,
McKenna - an London Girl


  1. Fun! I went to London too a few months ago and it was great! :)

  2. I like the picture of the Horse Guards Parade! That's funny that they were staring at you. :)