Our Generation Kitchen

Hi Happy People,
During the vacation we visited a lot of Target's to look for cool stuff from Our Generation. I especially looked for the kitchen. Basilmentos got the kitchen too and I think we love it all. So we where looking and my mom saw the kitchen!!! I really wanted it! Lucky for me it was on clearance. I love the kitchen it self, but I love all the food that comes with it too! It contains cookies, ice cream, fruit, veggies and a lot of supplies for your dollies to 'make' food! It's amazing.

The kitchen closed...

The kitchen open!
I especially love the fridge, because you can putt sooooo much food in there. Pretty Lilly likes :D

It's soooo pretty!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Oh, so cute! And your apron is adorable too! Did you make anything tasty?

  2. adorable!!!! cheak out my blog at gracesdollblog.blogspot.com!!! thank you