Welcome Home in Holland!

Hi Happy People,
I flew back from the USA to the Netherlands. I guess my vacation is over :(
Lilly was so happy to see us! She didn't even know Lanie was here! 
I hope you dollies like this photo story of our welcome home party!

Saige: "Hey Lilly! I'm home!"
Lilly: "OMG! I'm so happy! Huggie!"

Saige: "I'm happy to be here again and oh dollie! I've got such a jet lag!"

Saige: "And guess who came with me. . . A new dollie friend!"
Lilly: "Lovely Lanie! It's so nice to finally meet you! Welcome to the family."

Welcome home my dear friends!
Best Buddies 4evr!

Lots of love,
Saige for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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