Let your inner Nerd shine!

Hi Happy People,
My friend Lacey is so lucky, because she went to Disney Word in LA! 
And guess what . . . She got me something . . . . 

A Nerdy Minnie Mouse stuffed animal!

I decided to dress up with my new friend Minnie as a nerd!

We had lots of *Nerdy* fun!

Let your inner NERD shine!

<3 our knee socks in our ballerina's! Adorable

Minnie and I had some fun time playing *nerdy* games on the computer!

Please tell me what your favorite stuffed animal is or sent me a dollie cute picture!
Hope y'all have a nice day.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - An American Girl


  1. My favorite stuffed animal is a dog named Hush Puppy :D
    Oh and by the way-there's a giveaway at my blog: http://www.bananaandbear.blogspot.com/