Review of Saige's Painting Set

Hi Happy People,
Guess what? Today I got Saige's Painting Set!
 I <3 this set soooo much!
In this post I'm going to give a review about it! I hope you like it.

This set contains:

  • - An easel with a tray and cup for holding her supplies—it folds for easy storage when she's done!
  • - Five faux paint tubes and four brushes that Saige can really hold on to
  • - A painter's palette for blending the perfect shade
  • - A sketch pad to plan out her paintings, plus a portfolio to store the finished product
  • - Five of her paintings on real canvas

  • (By American Girl)

A whole view of the Painting Set.

Saige's sketches,

Saige's adorable paintings and. . .

Saige's art supplies!

This is the best set ever, because it all looks so realistic!
I <3 it so much and your dolls will have lots of fun with it!

Which part of the set do you like the most? Please comment down below.
Hope y'all have a good day!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Saige looks so adorable!

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  2. This is sooooooo cute!!!!! I wish I could afford all of this american girl stuff, but it can be really pricey :(.

  3. I just got it! It's awesome:)! I love the paintings too they look so real!