Earth Day ♡

Hi Happy People,


Lanie and Kanani went outside and made some beautiful pictures.

Lanie: "I love roses! These ones are about to bloom."

Do you see the sun shining through the leaves? I love pictures with the sun in them :)

Kanani: "These flowers smell amazing! Hydrangeas are so pretty."

Awhh, such a cute little bird.
Tweet, tweet. Happy Earth Day!

Kanani likes to take close up pictures of flowers. This one turned out really well!

Lanie: "Hey, Kanani. This flowers smells awesome too!"

Don't forget, flowers only look pretty when you water them!

The sky looks nice today! A clear blue sky with a few clouds :)

Kanani and Lanie: "Together we will take care of our garden. Happy Earth Day!"

Did you do anything fun for Earth Day? Comment down below what.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Sadly no: I have finals today!! I hope you enjoy your earth day though!

  2. Nothing exciting here either :( Beautiful pictures!