Happy Easter

Hi dollies!


Did you did an egg hunt today? 
We did and it was lots of fun!
Enjoy our photo story.

Remember the baby chicks from last years Easter? Well, they grew!
We have full grown chickens at our doll house now :)

Caroline: "Okay, let's start the Egg hunt! I'll place these little eggs around in our doll house and you have to go find them. Good luck!"

Isabelle found the first eggs. "Look! I found some! They were in the soap holder in our bath. And the chicken found them too."

Lilly: "Look in the locker! I found them with help of my little pink chicken."

"Here are some more."

"And also here!"

Rory looked at the Easter branches and guess what she found!
"Here are some eggs with this cute chicken. IT'S SO FLUFFY!"

Saige: "Hey Rory, I found some too!"

Kanani decided to look in the kitchen and she was lucky!
"Yay! I found some eggs next to my breakfast."

"Here are some more eggs!"

I hope you had an amazing Easter!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl