MagNeoBio Award

Hi Happy People!

Three amazing dollies nominated me for the MagNeoBio award! Thank you so much.

They asked me to answer some questions and of course I will do that!

Let's get started, but first… let's write it down!

These are the questions from Kitty K:

1. What is your favorite doll accessory?
Probably my huge pink bow. I wear it as much as I can. I also like bows in other colors.

2. Have you ever made a AG video?
Yes! I posted them all on my Youtube channel called PrettyLillyAG. Check it out in the sidebar!

3. Favorite doll?
Hmm, this is a hard one! I don’t want to hurt any of my dolls feelings, but at the moment I like Isabelle the best.

4. Favorite color?

5.What color socks are you wearing right now?
I am not wearing any socks :o

6. Do you wear earrings?

7. Is American Girl your favorite shop?
For dollies, YES! But for clothing and other things, no…

8. Do you own any other doll than AG?
No, I stick with AG.

9. Favorite Year Doll?
This is hard… I think Saige, because she’s so photogenic!

10. Do you have a MAG?
Yes. I have 4 MAG dollies. Lilly, Gilly, Rory and Maddy

Here are the questions from Leah from toDOLLy awesome

1. What's your favorite piece in Izzy's collection?
I think Isabelle’s studio. It’s so detailed! Beside that I love the coral sweater, because it is so cozy and comfy and it looks adorable.

2. Which doll is your mini-me? If there isn't one, which features from other dolls would create your mini me?
All my dolls together is my mini-me! I like fashion, like Lilly, Gilly and Rory, but I also love nature, like Lanie and Kanani. I also like sports, like Kenna and Mia. And don’t forget how creative all my dollies are!

3. Pink or blue?

4. Dollie food or dollie clothes?
Dollie clothes. I love dressing up my dolls. It’s the best!

5. Gift cards or cash?
Probably a gift card.

6. Dream vacation destination?
Anywhere in the US! It may sound strange, but I love the US. I don’t live there and I love (almost) all the things there. Like nice food, clothes, Target, etc.

7. What would you buy with a $500 AG gift card?
Julie’s car, a MAG doll and some clothes.

8. Which doll is your favorite? (GOTY, MAG, or HC)
I think MAG, because you can design their personality.

9. Skittles or M&Ms?
M&M’s. I adore chocolate!

10. Do you make doll houses out cardboard boxes? 

No, I make my doll house on my desk. I don’t make walls. I just put a big piece of furniture to the sides and pretend :)

And last… here are the questions from 2 Doll Stars?

1. Who is your favorite HC? 
Caroline. I love her stories and she is SO beautiful.

2. Do you like GOTY Isabelle? 
Yes, she’s amazing! I love her blonde hair and green eyes, because I have blonde hair and green eyes too. I also like her personality… A lot :)

3. How did you find my blog? 
You nominated me for this award, and I took a look on your blog and I like it!

4. If you had to, would you go sky diving or bungy jumping?
I think sky diving. That would be awesome!

5. Why did you start blogging:
When I was nine years old, I was looking for new AG clothes and I found Liz' website. I loved to see her photostories, hairstyles, DIY’s and much more! Two years later I decided to make a blog myself, because I had tons of great ideas to show on my blog. That’s how I started blogging at Pretty Lilly AG.

6. What is your favorite kind of post? ( photo story's, DIYs, photo shoots ect.)?
I like outfit ideas for dolls. When I buy a new outfit from AG, I love to combine the new items with other items. I also love reviews of doll furniture and clothing.

7. Do you play a sport or do a dance? If so what is it? :) 
I don’t play a sport :o
I have P.E. at school, so…

8. What u think I could do to improve my blog? 
Uhmm, I don’t know! I like your blog and I don’t know it for so long...

9. If you HAD to give away all of your dolls expect one which one would your keep?
Oh! This is a hard one… I wouldn’t like to give away all my dollies :’(
I think … I would keep Lilly. She was my first dollie and she’ll always be the most special doll for me.

10. Have you ever customized a doll (doesn't have to be AG)


My questions are:

1. What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
2. Would you rather choose ice-cream or frozen yogurt?
3. Do you like to shop at Target or Walmart?
4. Tell me your favorite AG outfit!
5. Do you like a muffin or a cupcake?
6. Sweet or salty?
7. What's your favorite app?
8. Would you choose for apple pie or banana cake?
9. What's your favorite doll blog besides yourself :)
10. Are you a fan of Minions (Despicable me) or Little Green Man (Toy Story)?

Thanks for nominating me and I nominate……
Everyone who reads this!

Have a nice day!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl