Review Floral Swim Outfit

Hi Dollies!

I love American Girl bathing suits. They're so bright and colorful! 
Here is a review of the new AG bathing suit: Floral Swim Outfit.

It contains:
- a two-piece swimsuit with a bright floral pattern
- a cute pink cover-up
- pink flip-flops

Kenna wears the swimsuit. It looks great on her!
BTW, don't you think her eyes are SO blue in this pic?!

The swim top has a cute ruffled detail.

And the AG logo is on the swim bottoms.

Isabelle is wearing the cover-up/swim dress.

Isabelle: "I personally LOVE flip-flops. These ones are too cute, because the bright pink matches every summer outfit."

There are some flowers on the right side of the dress …

… and the AG logo is on the left side of the dress!

I totally recommend this set, because the quality of the fabrics is amazing and the whole outfit is so colorful! What I also like about this set, is that it actually contains 2 outfits! ♡

This picture of Isabelle is the most beautiful I've ever taken! It's so close up and the colors are so bright!

What's your favorite doll swim suit? I would love to hear it :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I actually really live that Floral
    swim Outfit!!

  2. I think I like the hot pink one best! But the floral one is cute too!

  3. I like this set, it's not my favorite, and it is kinda expensive, but maybe I'll buy it someday :)