AGSM - AG Doll Hair Salon

Hi Dollies!

I made another video! I hope you like it.

In this video, Lanie is going to the AG Doll Hair Salon from Mia. Lanie has long hair and she wants it shorter. Mia gets her her new hair do and it looks amazing!

Did you liked my new video? Tell me in the comments :)

Lots of love,

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Cool video! It was very realistic :) I just went to a hair salon and it was great! I got my hair highlighted, trimmed, and I got bangs!

  2. That's such a good stopmotion! Very cool :) Also, great idea using the curly pony tail, it worked perfectly XD

  3. do you have a doll house pretty lilly?

  4. I did like it-a lot! :)

  5. THIS IS THE BEST STOPMOTION EVER I MIGHT CRY!!!!! Great job it is sooo cute! It was cool how you did the curly ponytail. :D