A Sunny Summer Photo Shoot

Hi Dollies!

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In my last post I've shown you the Sunny Isle Outfit! I am in love with it.
I also got the Seaside Tote Set and the Beach Chair Set.
I hope you enjoy this summer photo shoot!

After those long days working at the smoothie stand, Saige needed some time to relax in her new outfit with some delicious summer treats!

I love the basket with a flower printed on it! It's so cute and it will match in our doll house.

The Beach Chair set contains:
- a folded beach chair
- a basket with a flower printed on it
- two pieces of pineapple
- one coconut drink
- one shaved ice
- two fruit kebabs
- a leave shaped plate

I love the new bracelet from the Seaside Tote set!
The Seaside Tote set also contains a lip gloss. I love make up for my dollies and my dolls will be using this a lot!

Here's an overview of the outfit, the tote set and the beach chair set.
The colors are perfect for summer!

In this post I made a review of the Sunny Isle outfit.
I love the beads on the flip flops!

The tote is so detailed! It has rope handles with hot pink straps around them and it has a beautiful flower printed on it.

I clipped the flower from the Sunny Isle outfit on the cute sun hat to cover Saige's eyes…

… and finally, Saige is relaxing.
She even fell asleep during the photo shoot, hihi.

What's your favorite set from this photo shoot?
The Sunny Isle Outfit, the Seaside Tote set or the Beach Chair Set?
Comment down below you favorite.

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  1. My favorite set is the Sunny Isle Outfit. Great photos!

    ~ Mint

  2. I love the Sunny Isle outfit! It's so cute, hopefully I can get it sometime! And your photos are beautiful!

  3. I'm so excited, I think I was your 100th follower! Congratulations on getting so many followers :) I especially love the picture of Saige with the flower on her hat, it looks so pretty :D

    1. Yes, you were her 100th follower, and I was her 101st follower!

      ~ Mint

  4. Saige looks so cute! I <3 that outfit. It really suits her.

  5. I like the Sunny Isle Outfit best!

  6. I love your photos and the beach set is so cute! I might have to put that on my Christmas list for my daughter.