Cute Gilly

Hi Happy People,
Today I went to school, but Gilly waked up with a little cold. . . She stayed in her PJ's for the whole day! She is so cute in the Butterfly Garden PJ's. She saids that the Garden rope is very soft.

Gilly at sleep...


I feel like I have a cold  ;-(

Poor me

The Butterfly Garden PJ's

Love the slippers ;))

This rope is soooo soft, I <3 it!

Nice bow

Look at this lovely Butterfly pillow...

Butterfly rope

Butterfly slippers

Here are the Butterfly Garden PJ's. They are so sweet!

Butterfly PJ's

I hope she'll be better tomorrow!
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Get well soon Gilly :) Butterfly PJ's look lovely on her!

  2. I love that! The pictures are so cute! BTW, I thought I'd let you know that I tagged/nominated you! Everything you need to know is on my blog! Get well soon, Gilly!