PJ Sleepover Party!

Hi Happy People,
Gilly had little cold, but she is better now. She staid in her PJ's. We all wanted to stay in our PJ's, so. . . We had PJ Sleepover Party! Look how cute we are!

This is such a cute picture! Everyone is wearing a PJ from AG. Here are some close-up's:

Caroline in a AG - only in store - PJ's.
Kanani in Kanani's Pajama's.
Gracie (Marie-Grace) in the Sweet Treats Pajama's

Mia is wearing the Sweet Hearts Pajama's and her sister Rory is wearing the Coconut PJ's.

Here are  Gilly and  her niece Pretty Lilly. Gilly in the Butterfly PJ's and Pretty Lilly wears the Honey PJ's (it's retired. . :"() ). And the last one is. . .

McKenna! She is wearing her McKenna PJ's :D

Which AG PJ's do you got? I would love to hear it!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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