This or That

Hi Happy People,
It's time for another this or that! I hope you dollies like it.

Number 1:

Isabelle's Dance Skirt OR Isabelle's Sparkly Skort?

Number 2:

GOTY Isabelle OR McKenna?

Number 3:

Isabelle's Coral Tee OR Isabelle's Coral Sweater

Number 4:

Grey polka dot shoes OR pink polka dot shoes?

Number 5:

The old AG in-store tee OR the new AG in-store tee?

My Opinion:

#1: Isabelle's Sparkly Skort - I love this skort, because it is pink. I like her shiny dance skirt too, but I can combine the skort a bit better.

#2: Isabelle - Oh my dollie… This is a hard one! I don't want to choose between my beloved dollie friends, but I will. I think I'll choose Isabelle, because she's new. No offense, Kenna, I love you too :)

#3: Isabelle's Coral Tee - My dollies wear both of these pieces a lot, but I'll choose the coral tee. I think it's a little bit more 'fashionable' then the sweater.

#4: Pink Polka Dot Shoes - You know me… I love pink!

#5: New AG in-store Tee - I like the design of the stars in the new tee a bit better. It is more shiny ❤

What do you choose? Please let me know in the comments down below!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. The first dance Skirt
    Coral Sweater
    Grey Polka Dot Shoes
    Old AG Tee

    For me! :)

  2. Dance skirt
    Izzy (still not buying her, though)
    Coral sweater
    Grey ones
    Old tee's. I don't like sequins on clothes ;)

  3. Isabelle's Dance Skirt
    Isabelle's Coral Sweater
    Grey polka dot shoes
    New AG in-store tee

  4. 1. Isabelle's dance skirt.
    2. McKenna
    3.Isabelle's coral sweater
    4. Grey poca dot shoes
    5. New AG tee! :)

    Here is an address to my doll blog: 2dollstars.blogspot.com


  5. 1. Isabelle's Dance Skirt
    2. Mckenna
    3. Izzy's Coral Sweater
    4. Grey Polka dot shoes
    5. Old AG Tee

    - Hannah (agdtime.blogspot.com)

  6. 1. Isabelle's Sparkly Skirt (The other one has too much pink)
    2. Isabelle (I never really liked McKenna)
    3. Isabelle's Coral Sweater (LOVE IT!!!)
    4. Pink Polka Dot Shoes (I like bright colors)
    5. New AG tee (I have one and it is not as "crazy")

  7. 1. Isabelle's Sparkly Skort
    2. Isabelle
    3. Isabelle's Coral Tee
    4. Pink polka dot shoes
    5. New AG in-store tee
    Funny, we have all the same answers :)

  8. #1: Isabelle's Sparkly Skort
    #2: Isabelle
    #3: Isabelle's Coral Tee
    #4: Pink Polka Dot Shoes
    #5: Old AG in-store tee

  9. Tough choices on a couple of these.
    1. Isabelle's dance skirt
    2. Both
    3. Isabelle's coral sweater
    4. Both (they can be used with different outfits)
    5. New AG in-store tee