V-DAY DIY: More decorated picture frames!

Hi Happy People!

Today I am going to show you some more Valentine's Day picture frame decorations!
These are really simple to make and they look so cute.

Gilly is looking flawless, as always :)

What you'll need is:
- a picture
- some design paper
- some white paper
- some cupboard
- some corrugated cardboard
- some ribbon
- some decorations, like little flowers, hearts or bows

Step 1. First I am going to cut out a heart. I used some dies, but you can also cut them with scissors. I am also cutting out a thin heart as a border.

Step 2. Glue it all together.

Step 3. Time to decorate! I used these cute cardboard letters. Of cousre, you can decorate it your own way.

This is the other picture frame I made. I used the corrugated cardboard as a picture frame. I decorated this with 2 felt hearts, a ribbon and a little rose.

I hope you liked these picture frame ideas!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl