AG Starry Tee

Hi Happy People,
The sun is shining and I am having a wonderful time in my garden!
What makes my day even more special? The AG Starry Tee!

I love the new exclusive Tie Tee from AG. The pink is such a pretty color!

Pretty In Pink

I love the beautiful flowers!

The colors are so bright!

I love the stars on the side of my tee

The sun is shining!

I'm having a wonderful time. . . .
I love this new tee and the fabric is really nice.
The side tie is really cute and the stars are so shiny!

I hope you have a good day!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. So pretty! Great pictures, too. :) I'd love to be email pals with you! Email me: idanielley@yahoo.com


  2. It is very pretty! I like the flowers to!
    Adollable Dolls

  3. Wow!! That's such a chic shirt! Très Chic, in fact. I can't wait to hear more!
    P.S. I really love the flowers! What are they?

  4. Very sweet shirt Lilly - you've got a great sense of style! The shoes fit so well!