1 Day Until My Blogoversary!

Hi Happy People,
Only 1 day until it is my BLOGOVERSARY! I just can't wait :D
Today Caroline and Gilly share their favorite things they love to do with Pretty Lilly.

'Lilly and I have the same color hair and we both love the color PINK! We love to dress up fancy and singing song of Taylor Swift! I'll remember those moments forever and I hope we will get more!
Huggies, Caroline.'

'I love to be your sister and having so much fun with you! I remember our first movies, the first blog posts and lots of more stuff! I hope we will have lots and lots of more amazing moments!
Love, your sister Gilly.'

I can't believe I almost got my blog for a whole year! If you want to say something about my blog too, comment down below or e-mail me.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. YAY! I'm so excited for you, I went through every single old post (before I found your blog) and super awesome blog! Keep up the great posts, <3 I'll be on the lookout! :)
    P.S. Would you check out my blog if you had time? :) www.agdollysisters.blogspot.com