4 days until my Blogoversary!

Hi Happy People,
April the 8th is a big day . . . It is Pretty Lilly's blogoversary!

We want to tell something we love about our Lilly!

'I always have lots of fun with you, Lilly! The funniest thing we ever did is that we learned French together and . . . that you fell asleep! I hope we will have lots of fun in the future.
Huggies, Gracie'

'Lilly, I can't believe this blog is almost a year old! Time goes fast. . . . The loveliest moment we had together is that we made our first movie! We had sooo much fun and I will never forget that.
Aloha, Kanani'

'We had an amazing time when we decorated our X-mas tree together. I hope we will put up the tree next year!
Kisses and Hugs, Maddy'

How sweet!? I loved all those moments with them too.
If you want to share something with me, comment down below or e-mail me!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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  1. Happy Early blogaversary! We're celebrating ours next week- we can't wait! We have to ask, where is that adorable red polka dot dress from in the first photo - we LOVE it!