2 Days Until My Blogoversary!

Hi Happy People,
It is only 2 days until my blogoversary! Time goes so fast :D 
Today Saige and Kenna are telling their moments they love with Lilly.

'Lilly and I love our doggies! We love to play with Cooper and Honey. I hope we will have more and more of those lovely moments!
Xxxx, Kenna.'

'I'm the new girl in the family, but Lilly is so sweet! We already had tons of good moments and making movies and pic's! It's awesome to be here and I hope we will have tons of great experience with each other.
Love, Saige.'

So cute! If you want to tell me something about my blog too, comment down below or e-mail me.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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  1. Yes I would like to say you have an awesome blossom blog,hope to see more of ur posts