Bows, bows & more bows!

Hi dollies!

If you look at us,  we all have one thing in common … We wear a LOT of bows!

But everybody love bows, right? It's the perfect accessory to match your hair with your outfit and there are tons of different colors, patterns and fabrics!

It doesn't matter is you have short or long hair to wear a bow.

A bow looks cute in curly hair… But also in straight hair!

Bows look pretty on blondes and brunettes!

It also doesn't matter if you wear glasses or not. A bow always looks great!

You got to love bows, right?

What is your favorite hair accessory for your dollies? Tell me in the comments down below!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I'm pretty sure you would like this site: http://www.oliviawear.com/collections/new
    if you like bows!...

  2. I love bows too! They are so cute.

  3. My favorite hair accessory for dolls is probably headbands. I LOVE putting headbands in Josefina's hair. :) I don't know what I think about bows, because I don't really have any.

  4. Kanani is just toooo gorgeous!!!! xoxo Grace