Fall Sunshine Photo Shoot

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I made an AMAZING photo shoot with Saige today. I wanted to take pictures today, because it was finally sunny and I loved the light. This photo shoot has turned out pretty great so I hope you dollies like it.

Saige is wearing a red sweater from American Girl and a white lace bubble skirt from an Etsy show which is called Release Rain. She paired her fall outfit with a some brown leather boots, which makes her outfit totally picture worthy!

I always love to wear skirts all year 'round. In the fall you can pair them with some knee high socks or some boots and in the winter you can wear them with tights. I just think they look so girly!

This picture is perfect… I love how the sun shines and her face is so close by!

Saige… please, look in the camera for me :)

I love Saige's hairstyle! Would you like to see a tutorial on this hair style? Let me know in the comments down below.

"LET IT GO… LET IT GO!!!" Saige just loves Frozen!

Tell me in the comments down below what your favorite picture of this photo shoot was.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Adorable pictures!! I like all of them but I think I like 1,4 and 8 the best! Your little model (AKA Saige) in the photos is gorgeous ;)

  2. Great pictures! A post on how to do the hairstyle would be great!:)

  3. I like the first one and the last one best. Lovely pictures!

  4. Wow, these photos are stunning! Saige is beautiful ^-^

    Also, could you please check out my blog? http://maplestreetdolls.blogspot.com


  5. I tagged you for the thankful blogger tag!

  6. These are really pretty! I love Saige's hair and her outfit, especially her skirt! :)