Saturday, June 24, 2012

A High Tea At The AGP Boston!

Hey Happy People,
Last summer I went to the American Girl Place Boston! It was so much fun. I got amazing blue boots with a silver ribbon on it. But after all that shopping I was a little bit hungry. So I decided to go to the American Girl Bistro and get an High Tea!

Me with some pink lemonade

First I got a delicious lemonade with some lemon. It was so great. After my drink, I ordered the American Girl Tea menu. That includes:

The American Girl Tea

Some different tea's.
The American Girl Tea includes:
-Kaya's fresh fruit kabobs
-Addy's marvelous mini muffins
-Molly's princess tea sandwich
-Kanani's Hawaiian hula ham sandwich
-Julie's groovy grilled cheese sandwich hearts


-Kit's flower cupcake 
-Ruthie's chocolate chip tea cookie
-Rebeca's big city brownie heart

Some sweet treats
It was an amazing day! In the evening I didn't have some place for my dinner left! :-P 
Did you ever went to an AG Place? I went the AGP in Boston, NYC and in DC. This summer I'm going to visit LA. I can't wait to see how the AGP there is.

Silly Gilly - an American Girl

PS. Congrats Katie! You won my Giveaway from the Pretty Lilly Summer Songs. The CD is coming to your house!

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  1. That looks really yummy :)
    I've been to the AGPNY and it was so much fun!