New AG Stuff!

Hey Happy People,
Today I got an e-mail from AG! And guess what? AG got some new stuff! They changed the homecoming outfit from the MAG's and they got a bunch of new clothes!

I love the new outfit!

They also got new accessories that match with the outfit!

Here are the new MAG outfit's. I love them all!

Butterfly Twist Dress

Weekend Fun Outfit

Sweet Savannah Outfit

Butterfly Garden PJ's

Volleyball Set 
"Feeling Great!" Outfit

Roller Skating Set

Spooky Fun Outfit

 They not only got new things for the MAG dolls, they got new things for McKenna too!
You also can buy McKenna's DVD right now, but it will be airing on July 14 at 8/7 c.

McKenna's Performance Set

McKenna's Team Gear
They got new stuff for Ivy and Julie too! Finally, you can buy Julie's charity car washing set. On doll diaries there was a big conversation about the price of the car, but the car with the 2 doll outfits is $410,-. The car without the 2 doll outfit's is $350,-. That's a lot of money....
They dollies with the car!

The Car

Julie's Patchwork Outfit
Ivy's Rainbow Romper
Yay! AG got a new pet: Meatloaf. They changed Licorice and Chocolate Chip is an Service Dog.


the 'new' Licorice

the Service Dog Set

The new accessories. Amazing boots and an allergy-free lunch. That's good for me, because I've got an allergie.....

OMG! They got an gemstone!

It looks kinda silly!
They got new doll care products:

Starry Styling Kit

American Girl Doll Dining Set

Travel Seat

Backpack Doll Carrier
And they got new books!

Do you know you wish-list already? I love all new products!
I wish it was X-MAS and my B-Day on the same day, then I could have it all....

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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