Isabelle's outfit and flowers

Hi Happy People,
It's Isabelle again! Today she's wearing one of her mix-and-match outfits.
She's wearing her coral sweater and floral skort.

Izzy loves her ombre hair! The pink ends of her hair matches the pink colors of her outfit!

Every dollie loves to take pictures with flowers, right?

These adorable shoes are not from Isabelle's collection, but they totally complete this mix-and-match outfit! They are from the meet outfit from Caroline. The flower is the same color as the shoes!

Isabelle looks fabulous!

This is a close up of her sweater and skort (a skirt and a short). Her short is decorated with shiny flowers!

Isabelle loves FLOWERS!

What kind of flower is your favorite? My favorites are pink roses <3

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Isabelle's hair piece is cool! Can it be used on other dolls or only Isabelle? :)