Isabelle's Metallic Dress

Hi Happy People,
In my last post I promised you to show you an outfit from Isabelle's collection. Here is what I've got…

Oh my dollie! That's a lot, but you have to know that I've got some from my Grandparents for the Holidays. Today I am showing Isabelle's Metallic Dress.

Isabelle designed this outfit herself and it looks adorable!

The belt is optional, but I like it with the outfit because the color matches the coral color of her shoes.

I love the gold mesh and sequins!

Here is a shiny detail of the dress.

Her coral bow shoes look fashionable! Her leggings also look cute with the little "Isabelle - American Girl" sign.

Izzy is such a beautiful doll!

Here is a close up of the detail on her shoulder.
I will show the other outfits soon. But stay tuned for a special surprise on … Coming Saturday!

And, what do you think about my new banner?

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Neato! It looks cute!


  2. I LOOOOOVVVEEE Isabelle! This dress is sooooo pretty! I'm actually going to get her this year! I'm saving up at the moment, and might order a couple of other things from her collection when I get her.

  3. I thought that in the photo on the AG website it really washed her out, but in these pictures, it actually really suits her!