Best Summer Vacation Moments

Hi Happy People,

School started and Fall is coming, that means it's the end of the Summer vacation :'(
I'm still in my summer mood, so I'm showing you dollies the best parts of my vacation.
I hope you like it!

Meeting with Lacey in Boston was a blast! We had such a fun time together.
I think the park was our favorite spot of Boston. And we love the duckies!

I went to the AG Place with Lacey too and we had the biggest banana split EVER!
We were stuffed :D

When I just arrived in the USA, my new (surprise) dollie friend Lanie was there! It was awesome to get a new sister <3

Lanie's Flower Garden photo shoot, are probably my favorite pictures of Lanie. They're beautiful!

Saige went to the American Girl Place in Washington DC. She had tons of fun!
Saige met Saige and Saige and Saige. . .

Saige is still talking about this cart: 'I know what I want for my birthday!'
But I have to agree, it's so cool!

I hope you liked my best vacation moments!
What did you liked the best of my summer or tell me your favorite summer moment?
Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Looks like a great summer! Is that a real duck?

  2. The giant sundae tasted soo good! Boston was so much fun!