New AG Spring Stuff

Hi Happy People,
AG got new Spring Stuff! I love it! They got fantabulous new outfits, accessories and furniture! 

This is the awesome new dress called 'The Sweet Spring Dress'! I think I might get this in the future :D

There are some sweet party supplies for dollies and their doggies!

This is a new special occasion dress called 'The Plaid Party Dress.' Super duper cool!

This is the Easy Breezy Outfit and it looks so comfy and cozy!

This is the cute cycling outfit with the new bike and. . .  a pet trailer! Meatloaf looks so good there!

This is the new Spa Outfit from AG. I love the colors and the glamourous bows on it!

Look at this FABULOUS new outfit of Caroline! She looks so sweet in the pastel colors! I am in love with the calf called Garnet!

This is Molly's new bed and her new PJ's. The blue color looks really good with her brown hair!

I love all the new things of this new collection!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl