Lilly's Creative Corner: How To Make A Scarf!

Hi Happy People,
This is a post about a craft in Pretty Lilly's Creative Corner!
What can you do when it's cold outside and the snow is gone? I know! You can knit a scarf for yourself! It is fun to do and you aren't cold anymore ;-D

Honey keeps me company

I love the colors!
Ahhh! Sweet doggy!

It is getting pretty long, huh?
After a very long time.....


Oh my dollie! What did my Honey do? Honey was covered in yarn! 

After cleaning Honey I knitted again and taddaa! 

I love how it turned out! 

DIY (Do.It.Yourself) too!
If you want to make this scarf too, you need some knitting needles and some yarn. I putt on stitches until it was 3 inches. I used a special stitch:

On the 'good' side you knit all stitches 
On the 'wrong' side you knit 1 stitch, one purl and so on. 

You repeat this until the scarf is 36 inches long or how long your dollie wants it to be. After knitting you get your needle and thread and sew it together!

Happy crafting!

I am not cold anymore and I had a very fun evening! 
Did you ever made a dollie sized scarf? I would love to hear it!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Wow, cool! If only I could knit.......

  2. Really cute! The colors are so pretty. To bad it takes me forever to knit something!