Wensday, April 18, 2012

Me at the Spa!

Hi girls,
After camp I was a tired, really tired. So... I made an appointment at the Spa AG!

I had my spa-outfit on and I looked so pretty as always! =D
I made a little photo story about my day at the spa. Here it is, enjoy!

Mia: "Hi welcome at the Spa AG! Can I help you?"
Pretty Lilly: "Hi Mia, I'm Lilly and I have a resevation."
Mia: "Oooh, I see. Please follow me."

Mia: "This is the massage room, please meet Heidi."
Heidi: "Hi. I'm Heidi."
Pretty Lilly: "Hi. I'm Lilly."

Heidi gave me a fantabulous massage.
Heidi: "Is everything okay, Lilly?"
Pretty Lilly: "Mhmmm."

Heidi: "Now I'll use the newest stuff from Dior."
And OMG! That was sooo relaxing.....

Pretty Lilly: "Thanks Heidi, for the amazing massage!"
Heidi: "No problem."

Then I went to the beauty room.
Emily: "Hi', I'm Emily and I'll make you beautiful."

Emily brushed my hair and put some mascara on my eyes.
Emily: "Lilly, you got beautiful eyes, can I put some eyeshadow on your eyes?
             It's the newest from Dior!"

So Emily put some wonderful eyeshadow on my eyes.
Pretty Lilly: "Emily, you did a great job. Thanks!
Emily: "Your welcome."

So as you see, my day at the spa was awesome!
If your going to the Spa, please DONT use real make-up. Please pretend!

Bye girls and dollyfriends!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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