Sunday, April 8, 2012

My First Post!

I'm Pretty Lilly. I'm very exited, because this is my first post on my first blog! I live in the Netherlands with my four friends: Gilly, Mia, Kanani and Marie-Grace. Together we have a lot of fun!
This is me:

Name: Lilly
Nickname: Pretty Lilly
Age: Eleven
Birthday: October 15
Hobby's: To make arts and crafts, to play the piano, to read and to shop
Personality: Kind, funny, brave and I almost have no fears (only for spiders)
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite animal: My doggy Honey
The best thing to do with your friends: Shopping!!!!

Now I'll introduce you to my cousin Gilly:

Name: Gilly
Nickname: Gil or Silly Gill
Age: Twelve
Birthday: June 6
Hobby's: Cheerleading, reading books and playing with my doggy 
Personality: Real, funny, kind and loyal
Favorite color: Aqua
Favorite animal: My dog ChocolateChip
The best thing to do with your friends: Making fun

Now I'll introduce to you Mia:

Name: Mia st. Clair
Nickname: Mia Pizza
Age: Eleven
Birthday: December 13
Hobby's: Figure skating, ice-hockey, sleeping and making delicious meals for my friends
Personality: Smart, confident, sometimes a little bit weird and real
Favorite color: White
Favorite animal: My cat Ginger
The best thing to do with your friends: Playing games

Now I'll introduce to you my BFF Kanani:

Name: Kanani Akin
Nickname: Nani
Age: Ten
Birthday: February 6
Hobby's: Helping the Monk Seal Foundation, selling shaved-ice and paddle boarding 
Personality: Kind, smart, real and sweet
Favorite color: Light blue
Favorite animal: The Monk Seal I saved: Malana
The best thing to do with your friends: Swimming in the beautiful sea in Hawaii

And now I'll introduce to you to our newest friend: Marie-Grace

Name: Marie-Grace Gardner
Nickname: Marie
Age: Ten
Birthday: March 29
Hobby's: Learning French, Writing in my diary and dressing up
Personality: Sweet and loyal
Favorite color: Tangerine
Favorite animal: My dog Argos
The best thing to do with your friends: Talk about everything

Now you know something about me and my friends.
Do you want to introduce your friends to me? I would love that!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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