Sunday, April 28, 2012

Mini Food!

Hi doll-lovers!
As you know, I live in the Netherlands (read my profile). The most well known supermarket in the Netherlands is celebrating their 125 years anniversary. They give mini-food away when you buy groceries. I have a lot of mini-food right now and I use it to play with my dolls!!!!! I love it. Here are my veggies and fruit.

My veggies and fruit
I defenitly love the rasberry's (the little pink box) and the banana! LOL =D
Here are my snacks. Kanani says all the time that it's not good for me, but it's just soooooo delicious!

My snacks!
Jummy! Here are my drinks:

My drinks!
It looks all so delicious. And now.... more food! Like Cornflakes and chewing gum:

Again more food!
I really love all my food, it's all so tasty. But if I have to choose my favorite food...

Then it will be a Mars, some Nutella and some Lays chips.
Now I will choose my favorite drink, or drinks....

Then it will be my Coca-Cola and my Fanta!

Did you bought/made some doll food?
Please leave a comment!


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