This or That

Hi Dollies,

I always love to see This or That's on blogs. It's so fun to read other people's opinions :)
So, that's why I made this This or That! 

1. The Sweet Savannah Dress OR Isabelle's Metallic Dress?

2. Isabelle's Sparkly Skort OR the Flower Skirt?

3. The top from the Sunny Isle Shirt OR the top from the Easy Breezy Outfit?

4. The brown with pink hat OR the white with green and a flower hat?

5. The white sunglasses OR the brown sunglasses?

My opinion:

  1. Oh my dollie, this is hard!! I think the Sweet Savannah Dress, because it's really classic and I love the print!
  2. The Flower Skirt. This one is my favorite skirt, TBH. It's so bright and floral!
  3. The Sunny Isle shirt. The yellow is perfect for the summer and I love the detail of some gemstones on the shoulder of the top!
  4. The brown with pink hat, because this one suits every outfit.
  5. Ohh… HARD!! I literally can't choose. They are both so cool!
Tell me your choices in the comments down below :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I love this idea, so fun :D Here's my answers:

    1. Isabelle's Metallic Dress

    2. the Flower Skirt

    3. the top from the Easy Breezy Outfit

    4. the white with green and a flower hat

    5. It's a tie for me, too ;)

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

  2. 1. Isabelle's metallic dress
    2. The flower skirt
    3. The sunny isle top
    4. The brown and pink hat
    5. The brown sunglasses

    ~ Mint

  3. 1. Metallic dress
    2. Flower Skirt
    3. Sunny Isle top
    4. White and Green hat
    5. Brown sunglasses.

  4. 1. Sweet Savannah Dress
    2. Isabelle Sparkly Skort
    3. Sunny Isle Top
    4. The brown and pink hat
    5. ... I can't decide! :)

  5. 1 Metallic dress
    2 Flower Skirt
    3 Sunny sle
    4 White
    5 White

  6. 1. Isabelle's Metallic Dress looks amazing on Saige, even without the pink belt. :-)
    2. Flower Skirt
    3. Sunny Isle top
    4. White and green hat
    5. Brown sunglasses

    Love your blog and the photos!

    ~Mama Hen (www.the-pony-tales-sisters.blogspot.com)

  7. 1. Both- I can't choose!
    2. Flower Skirt- so girly and fun. I love the flower print and the colors. :)
    3. Sunny Isle Top- it's ruffles, sunny color, and beads are adorable.
    4. Pink and Brown Hat- so stylish! It reminds me of a fedora. (;
    5. Brown Sunglasses- but I think that the white ones look better on that particular doll.
    I loved this this-or-that! Please do another one soon!