Daisy Chain Award

Hi Happy People,

I got tagged two times for the Daisy Chain Award! I can't wait to answer all these fun questions.

Questions from ‘The pony tales sisters’ - Mama Hen

1. How long have you been collecting dolls?
I started collecting AG dolls in 2009. 

2.What doll brands do you have or want to have?
None :)  I’ll stick to AG

3. Are your dolls geeks, fashionistas, or something else?
Well, all my dolls have their own personalities, but most of them are fashionistas.

4. Are you excited for the BeForever makeover from AG?
Yes I am!! I can’t wait for the new outfits for the dolls and I think that the book makeovers are so pretty! I also love the new name.

5. Have you ever taken your dolls with you to parks, plays, etc.?
I love to take my dolls to a (famous) city and make pictures with them there. I made some cute pictures with my friend Lacey in the park in Boston. I also made some pictures with Kenna in Baltimore and London. But I mostly take pictures in my backyard or in my house.

6. Do you like making your own doll clothes and accessories?
Yes I do! It’s still a bit hard, but I like it. I am usually bussy with my school work. But in a vacation I like to make something.

7. Do you prefer videos or photostories?
Ohh! That’s a hard question! I usually make photo stories. When I have more time I love to make videos!

8. Do you prefer MyAGs or Historicals?
I prefer MAG’s, because you can give them a personality and a style <3

Questions from ‘American Girls & Books’ - Lydia

1. Do you like to write?
Yes, I love to write stories and I love to write blog posts.

2. Are your dolls modern and dress up in modern clothes, or do they dress up in clothes from their historical time period to?
My dolls are modern and they dress up in modern clothes. But for dress-up parties they love to put on their ‘old fashioned’ gowns.

3. What do you think of BeForever?
I think the makeover is really great! I can’t wait for the new outfits for the dolls and I think that the book covers are so pretty! I also love the new name. 

4. Which best friend is your favorite? Why?
To me, Pretty Lilly, my best friend is Gilly, because we’re alike and sisters!

5. What do you like better to blog about, AG news or your own stories/photostories?
I like to post reviews of AG outfits and photostories :)

6. How many dolls do you have?
I have 12 dollie friends!

7. TOTURE QUESTION!! If you had to give away ALL of your dolls except 1, which one would you keep?
Well, that would be Lilly, because she’s my first dollie and she’s very special to me. Don't tell the other dollies!!

8. How is your day going?

It’s going great, because it’s the first official day of my summer vacation!!

I tag everyone who wants to do this tag, because it's a lot of fun!!

Here are my questions:
1. Would you rather wear skirts or shorts?
2. Froyo or ice cream?
3. What's your favorite season and why?
4. What doll would you like to buy?
5. Do you like salty treats or sweet treats better?
6. What's your favorite AG book?
7. What item do you like best of the new AG collection and why?
8. What is your favorite doll outfit?

Have fun!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


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