Rainy Day Outfit & Set

Hi Happy People,

Here is a review of this adorable outfit I bought. It's the Rainy Day Outfit & Set for dolls!

Gilly loves her new outfit! The pink looks lovely on her.

The jacket is double breasted and the pink is so bright!

Oh my dollie! THESE RAIN BOOTS! The ribbon's are just too pretty.

I love pictures with doll hands :)

Silly Gilly… It's not even raining! The umbrella is amazing, BTW.

This picture is dollie perfection ❤

The hairband is from a retired XMAS dress, not from this outfit.
I love the shadow that is on the half on her face!

There is a little 'American Girl' sign on the side of her jacket.

What do you think of this outfit? Comment down below your answer.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. We won't get it, no one in Seattle uses raincoats :) And I mean no one. And it's pink . But, your pictures are really pretty!

  2. She looks adorable. I need a raincoat for my dolls.

  3. Wow that outfit is adorable and she looks so pretty in it!

  4. Oh, it is so cute, I just wish it all came together, instead of in 2 sets. And that it didn't cost so much!