Dollie sized vases

Hi Happy People,

It's finally SPRING!
I found an amazing dollie sized find! Check it out.

They're dollie sized vases!

I found them in a local supermarket. I think you can find something like this at Michael's or another craft store.

Mia: "I picked some really nice flowers!"

"Let's put them in the vase."

"It looks lovely. The heart of these flowers looks like a little face!"

"I am wondering if Saige likes them…"

Saige: "I love white flowers! They're called … I don't know?!"

Can you tell me how these flowers are called in English?
We call them 'viooltjes'. Translated: 'Little violins', yes… like the music instrument.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I love the vases!

  2. I believe those what we call Pansy's :) I love the name viooltjes, though!

  3. Cool!
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