Biggest Banana Split Ever!

Hi Happy People,

Lacey and I went to the AG place in Boston! We didn't only shop, but ... We had a delicious lunch at the American Girl Bistro!

We got some pretty pink flowers on our table. So bright!

We also had got some awesome pink lemonade. Hmm, refreshing!

We played the game 'Table Talkers' of AG! It was so much fun :o)

We had some dolliesized daisies! So cute <3

Then our desert.... We were a bit hungry, so .... 
We got the biggest Banana split ever! 

We are blown away with the size! How do we have to eat this with 2 dollies! Oh my dollie...

It was so good. How much do you think we ate?

Quite much, right?!

What is your favorite dessert? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Saige for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. You got an award for this post here :)

  2. When the American Girl Dallas store opened in 2007 we had lunch in the bistro on the grand opening and had the banana split for dessert. It was huge! 6 people were eating it and we were not able to finish it! I love all the desserts at American Girl, there has not been one that I have tried that I did not like!

  3. The pictures turned out so cute! I had such a fun time at the AG store with you and the banana split was so yummy!