This or That #1

Hi Happy People,
It has been a while, that I saw a 'This or That' on a blog. So I thought, maybe I can make one myself. 
Tadada . . . It's time for my first. . . . THIS OR THAT!
I hope y'all like it!

Number 1: The match of the jumpsuits.

The Sea Breeze Outfit

Ivy's Jumpsuit
Number 2: The battle of the plates

The Sweet School Outfit


The Plait Dress
Number 3: The pink tee's

The side tie tee


The Shine! tee
Number 4: The 'oowh' so cute shoes

Roman sandels


Cute ballerina's
Number 5: Goty 2013 or Goty 2012?


My Choice:
1: The Sea breeze Outfit - This ALWAYS has been my favorite :D
2: Hmm, I love them both, because I got the Plait dress from my best friend Lacey. But I like the Sweet School outfit because of the flower.
3: The Side tie tee - This tee is pretty new and sooo lovely. Don't worry, I like the other one too!
4: The Roman Sandals - I love them because it's almost summer, but ballerina's are always so classy!
5: This last one was hard, right? I cannot  choose between my dollie friends. I like Saige curls and I like Kenna's straight hair. But I must say, I like Saige her outfits a little bit more ;) and of course her earrings are awesome.

Please, tell me your choice down below!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. 1. Sea Breeze Outfit
    2. The Plaid Dress
    3. The Side Tie Tee
    4. Roman Sandals
    5. Saige

    Adollable Dolls :)

  2. 1. hmm.... not sure about this one
    2. Plaid Dress!
    3. probably Side Tie Tee
    4. ballerina/ flats
    5. MCKENNA!

  3. 1. sea breeze
    2. plaid dress
    3. side tie tee
    4. cute ballerinas
    5. mckenna

  4. 1. Ivy's Jumpsuit
    2. The Sweet School Outfit
    3. The Side Tie Tee
    4. Roman Sandals
    5. Saige

  5. 1. Sea Breeze Jumpsuit
    2. Plaid dress
    3. Shine tee
    4. Roman Sandals
    5. Soooo tough.... I would say Mckenna

    Thanks, Lilly! This was really fun.

  6. Where are the roman sandals from? They are Gorgeous!

  7. 1. Sea Breeze Outfit-Defenitly!
    2. Sweet School Outfit
    3. Shine! tee
    4. Cute ballerinas
    5. Saige!

  8. 1. Sea Breeze outfit
    2. Tie! They are both too cute to decide!
    3. side tie tee
    4. Roman sandals! VERY CUTE!
    5. I like Saige's outfit, but I like McKenna's hair and eyes.
    Thanks Lilly that was fun!

  9. 1.ivys jump suit
    2.sweet school outfit ( cause i have it )
    3. shine tee
    5. mckenna (cause i have her to)