AGSM - AG Lemonade Stand

Hi Happy People,
Here's my newest video about the AG Lemonade Stand. Click here to see the video.

I hope you like it!

This AGSM is about Lilly and Saige who are making some lemonade. When Lilly is going to get the Lemonade Stand, Saige puts on accident SALT in the lemonade!Saige and Lilly's first customer doesn't likes the lemonade. When they give the lemonade to their friend Rory, she says she likes it, but she doesn't. When Rory tells the truth to the girls about the salty lemonade, Saige remembered accidentally putting salt in the lemonade!

Salty lemonade, shame on you Saige!

Lots of love,

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl