What to bring on vacation part 2

Hello Happy People,
Thanks for all the help and advice! Now I know what to bring. Yesterday I already said that I would bring the Sea Breeze Outfit, so here it is:

The Sea Breeze Outfit, with a bag and sunglasses I bought last year in the AGP New York.

My PJ's. I love the Sweet Hearts PJ's. Check this out!

The 2 in 1 Surf Outfit, I'm going to swim a lot this year, that's the reason I got a 2 in 1 Surf Outfit!

Two fancy outfits: the Petal and Posies dress and the Flower Garden Dress. I'm going to a lot of restaurants and I would love to go to an AG Place. And if I would go to an AGP, I want to look my best!

And two casual outfits. The red outfit I bought in the AGP Washington D.C (but the shoes are from the Sea Breeze Outfit) and the pink T-shirt I bought online (the Shine on now tee), I bought the skirt in an AGP and the shoes are from the Heart Dress, but it isn't available anymore...

Thanks again for all the tips and idea's! Without you I wouldn't know what to take. Tomorrow morning (European time) I'm going to fly to the US! So the next post on this blog would come from America. Look at my traveling outfit. Aren't I cute?

Me and my suitcase

I'm not a fan of flying...

A lovely close-up
See you later,
Gilly - an American Girl