Photo Story 'Schools Out!'

Hello Happy People,
You dollies already got vacation! You lucky girls ; ) I had to go to school till thursday!

I was on school, waiting till it's time. I'm making little doodles in my map. My teacher says that I have to pay attention. I was staring at the clock...

3..... 2...... 1.......

Happy vacation!!!!!! I see the sun is shining and the birds are singing beautiful songs. I love summer!

I want to go outside and make some fun with Mia.

Happy vacation everyone!

I'm going to the US, my home county. Are you going on vacation? I would love to hear it!

Lots of love,
Silly Gilly - an American Girl


  1. Happy vacation Lilly! :) I am going to Lake Tahoe, California for vacation. Fun! :)
    ~ Jess

  2. Have fun on vacation! I'm going to Ireland for vacation :)

  3. I'm going to Cali too, Jess! I hope you've got a great time in Irelands, A Girl Who Loves AG.