Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last Minute Mothers Day Crafts

Hey Happy People,

Do you already have something for your mom? If you haven't got something, or if you just want another present here are 2 tips.

Tip 1

I bought a shower cream, a body lotion and a nail polish for my mom. I decorate it in the AG way. I love AG crafts. You can buy it online (click HERE) or at a crafts store like Michaels. I got the Posies Pad. I made my own design flowers and put a green ribon under it. I like the Posies Pad a lot.

The Posies Pad

Some Butterfly's 

Some Flowers.

Some flowers, leaves or butterfly's are sparkly!
Tip 2

Do you know your mom's favorite songs? You can make a CD with all her favorite music! Just make a playlist on iTunes or another music program. Then you can put it on a CD. And don't forget to make a pretty CD case with a pic of you and your mom on the front. =-D (click here for your project on AG crafts for a CD chase).

And I wish you all a ......

What did you made or bought for your mom? I love to hear it! 
Lots of love,

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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  1. I made my mom a card and I have the Petals & Posies Pad too, so I decorated the gift I got for her! :)