Monday, May 14, 2012

Doll Dining review

Hey Happy People,
Did you saw our video? (click here) I hope so... If you did, maybe you saw some food like the starter, spaghetti and a pizza.  I made it with the Doll Dining set! 

Me and the Doll Dining set
The Doll Dining set is $17,95

It includes a lot of things to make a restaurant, like how to set it up, to make drinks, and most important... to make food! It includes some supplies too, like some plates, AG money, some country posters, some paper bags and a lot more!

Some menu's, a gift card and a bag

Some Country cards, an order pad and money

I made a starter, some spaghetti and a pizza.

For the spaghetti you need some yarn, red paint and foam.
For the pizza you need some foam, red paint and yarn
For the starter you need some foam, the AG Doll dining stickers and some pretend grapes
These are the supplies and.....



Silly Gilly - an American Girl

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